YXST Aviation focuses on the full-value chain development,which integrates general aviation services, tourism, aviation education, aircraft sales and maintenance, development of aviation town, aviation medical service, aviation sport, aviation logistics, sercurity service and extension service.

YXST Aviation possesses complete general aviation operating qualification. Our operation and management team experts come from military and civil aviation system and a number of senior third-party management consulting firms provide full range of support and services for the company. The company has formed a solid cooperation relationship with  Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Aviation Association, Aviation Alliance,  and many other well-known demostic and overseas companies and institiutions. Our company has established China Low-altitude Flight Private Club, China Low-altitude Flight Operation Management Company, China Low-altitude Free Harbour Company and general aviation company, import and export company, club and other subsidiaries.

The headquarter of YXST Aviation  is located in Zhangjiakou City. Relying on the advantages of Zhangjiakou Ningyuan Airport, company has made the "one district, two parks and multi-centers" layout design to construct airport economic industrial park and general aviation economic industrial park, which is expected to form a network centered by Zhangjiakou covering the domestic aviation transportation. Through the development of aviation business, commercial shopping, navigation industry, high-end manufacturing, comprehensive bonded zone, tourism, cultural and creative industries, the company will bring about the economic tranformation and economic prosperity,  which will achieve innovation consumption, stimulate domestic demand and social benefits simultaneously growth, and promote Zhangjiakou technology innovation, business services, tourism, health and other emerging industries. The company is planning to build the Olympic Games air service security system, to provide air transport, air security, aviation medical, aviation emergency rescue and other services. We will actively contribute to the Olympic Games.