Trillion is only a small target general aviation stocks are drawing interest

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The former director of the State Sports General Administration, vice president of  Chinese Air Sports Association Li Zhengmei said in the international aviation sports summit recently held in Wuhan that ASFC is planning to build more than 20 thousand"aviation flight camp", and let the civilians fly at any time to release the huge consumption potential in low altitude flight.

Comments:the low altitude consumption is a large industry in China, but the development of it is far behind the economic development. The experts pointed out that the aircraft will reach to 104 million in the future base on the ratio of aircraft to pilot in America.

According to the ratio of aircraft and pilot 1:2.5, the pilots demand will be more than 2 million 600 thousand, and the training market only can reach 1 trillion. It doesn't include hot air, power parachute, parachute jumping, wind tunnel, unmanned aerial vehicles and other low altitude projects. Per capita GDP4000 dollars will have the condition of aviation consumption, and China's per capita GDP has far exceeded this figure, the conditions for the development of aviation consumption have matured. It is understood that the construction of aviation flight camp has been included in the key task of national development of general aviation industry.


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