YXST Zhangjiakou County to County Inaugural Flight Ceremony is held

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In the morning of November 25th, "Zhangjiakou County to County inaugural ceremony was held in Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial park.  The first two routes  are opened in Zhangjiakou to Shangyi, Zhangjiakou to Huailai. The city's moral model and the "most beautiful people" Yu Guiying, Lv Junyan, and Dong Shaowen  were invited to experience the first flight!

At the launch ceremony, Zhou Ge, chairmanof Yu Xiang Sheng Tai Aviation Industry Development Co., Ltd. said, since Yu Xiang Sheng Tai settled in Zhangjiakou in 2016, adhering to the "come from society and repay society" principle, we think of the source of getting rich, take account of both righteousness and benefit, actively participate in public welfare charity, and conscientiously fulfill our social responsibilities.

At the moment of "the sixth national moral models ceremony "and "the county to county inaugural flight ceremony", YXST offered free flight to the two moral models from Shangyi and one beautiful people from Huailai, in order to bring more people to learn from moral models, and then the form a thick atmosphere of learning from the noble person and thoughts, morality thriving in the world, and leading the company by the power of example to right and healthy development!


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