Warmly celebrate the cooperation between YXST and Threshold

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In the afternoon of February 7th, the signing ceremony of cooperation between Zhangjiakou Municipal People's government, Qiaodong District People's government, the United States State Government Association in China, Yu Xiang Sheng Tai Aviation Industry Development Co., Ltd. and the American Flying Star aviation group were held in Zhangjiakou Qiaodong District Silicon Valley park. The signing of the contract marks the establishment of a long-term and stable partnership between China and the United States, laying a good foundation for the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of Zhangjiakou's aviation industry.

YXST will conduct exchange and cooperation in depth with Threshold in  flight training, aircraft management, FBO training, international passenger and cargo charter flights, aviation cultural resources integration and planning, Olympic aviation security services, and jointly established China-American aviation cooperative, aviation training institutions and aviation maintenance service center to provide total solutions of security service for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

YXST and Threshold MRO signing ceremony

Unveiling of Rep office of Threshold in China

Unveiling of Rep office of Threshold in China

Intruducing the cooperation project of YXST and Threshold

Unveiling of Rep office of Threshold in China

visiting YXST club building

visitng the place  of FBO

delegation of Threshold visit the silicon valley park.


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