Assessment Panel Arrived in YSXT for the assessment of YXST Sky Town Flight Park

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In 25 January, the assessment panel of four members of Hebei Province arrived in YXST accompanied by the leaders from municipal  Development and Reform Committee, Qiaodong Party Committee and government and Zhangjiakou Airport Economic Zone Management Committee,to assess the Sky Town project. The chairman of YXST Zhou Ge and all the executive management walked out to receive the assessment panel and extended warm welcome to them and accompanying leaders.


Zhou Ge leading all the executive management walked out to receive the assessment panel

Walking into the exhibition hall of second floor, in front of the pictures on the wall, Mr. Zhou recalled and introduced the important events of the company which include the agreement signing with Threshold Group and Cirrus, the visit of leaders of province government, the county to county first flight ceremony and other events  to the assessment panel.


Mr.Zhou introduce events to leaders

Firstly, chairman Zhou invited all the guests to watch the corporate video which displays the advantage ,operation capability and the great vision of building up the chief investment operator of characteristic town, and it bring about the discuss and praise among the guests.   

The assistant to chairman, Mr. Chang first made the comprehensive report of the flight park from the perspective of  full industry chain layout, the supporting industry layout,conceptual planning and investment.

On this basis, Hu Zhenzhi, the director of flying town construction, referred to the scoring standard for the establishment of characteristic towns, and reported to the leaders of the assessment panel one by one about the completion of all indicators and related supporting documents.

Chairman Zhou explained in details the situation and development trend of domestic general aviation industry,market prospect, resource advantage of the full chain , management team at home and abroad and the strong operation capability according to the questions raised by the assessment panel.


Chairman Zhou introduced the current situation and development trend of GA.

Considering that the assessment panel might feel tired due to the successive days of work, the host of the meeting suggest to take a break to relieve tiredness, but the assessment panel said they forgot tiredness and get excited after they heard about the report.


The assessment panel showed great interests to the flight park

After the assessment meeting, all the guests visited the hanger with great interest. The assessment panel took a taxiing in the Cirrus airplane which are called the BMW in air.


the panel leader took Cirrus

It is cold in the evening of Zhangjia in winter, but the passion of the guests and leaders for YXST’s ambition of developing of the general aviation has been completely ignited.


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