GA expert Mr. Martin Robinson was invited to attend the communication meeting on

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In the afternoon of Feb 23, the international GA expert Mr. Martin Robinson attended the meeting of YXST Airpark construction in the conference room. The participants included leaders from Qiaodong Party Committee and Qiaodong government, economic zone committee, civil aviation administration, the chairman Mr. Zhou and GM Mrs. Bai.

Mr. Zhou extended warm welcome to Mr. Robinson and the leaders, and he also expressed that this communication meeting has profound meaning of broadening horizon and absorption for the airpark’s development and operation not only for YXST but also for the the whole ZJK.


Mr. Robinson is CEO of British aircraft owners and Pilots Association (AOPA UK) , senior vice president of international aircraft owners and Pilots Association (IAOPA) , secretary general of of  European General Aviation Safety Foundation. He has thirty years of management experience in the field of general aviation, airpark construction around the world with rich experience and the advanced concepts.

During the meeting, Martin introduced the development situation and trend of GA and also provided a lot of constructive suggestions, including the proactive suggestions on airpark early planning and later operation, which cause the enthusiastic attention and discussion.

The leaders present in the meeting had a heated discussion with Martin on domestic airpark planning, core functions, fiscal revenue, employment, and how to support the project on policy.

Combining many years experience of GA and the case of YXST airpark, Martin clearly pointed out that the construction of FBO which served as the starting point, should be sped up, and he also suggest government should accelerate the approval of land planning to support the airpark construction that can really fly.


At the end of the communication meeting, the leaders expressed that they would provide support to the construction of the airpark and they also hope this kind of meeting should be held more frequently to offer the opportunity of study and mutual communication.



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