Famous artist and the leaders from propaganda ministry visited our company

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In the afternoon of March 8, the famous sculpture artist Zhang Hua and the leaders from propaganda ministry arrived at our company to provide suggestions on our company’s development. The chairman Mr. Zhou leading the executives of company extended warm welcome to all the guests and invited them to visit our office area.


Zhang Hua and the leadership of the provincial propaganda department had a cordial and enthusiastic discussion with the executives of our company. Mr. Chang gave the report of YXST Sky city, and explained the development strategy of this project. All the guests showed great interests and spoke highly of the planning of the project, and they all believed that general aviation has a brilliant future.


The leaders of the propaganda department were very concerned about the construction of the town, and have put forward a lot of constructive suggestions to the company, which included enhancing the application of VI to strengthen the company culture and highlight the characteristics of aviation. They also suggested that we should build up the aviation culture innovation park by which to make YXST into an key aviation cultural company in Hebei Province, and create the aviation cultural products around the aviation theme; invite famous sculpture artists to held expo of sculpture to enhance the company image; improve the propaganda in verified ways, such as aerial photography exhibition, tourist products exhibition, aviation forum, the Winter Olympics forum, and combine the PR events with grass musical carnival. All of those suggestions were of great drive and broadened the thought of development.  


Mr. Zhou invited all the guests to visit the hanger after the meeting, where the guests took close look at the aircrafts.  Some of the guests sit into the aircrafts and experienced the feeling of flying in the sky.


The meeting with the guests let us see that there are a big appealing and market potential in aviation cultural industry, and we are facing the new opportunity in development model. The meeting also provides valuable advice on sustainable development of police security, medical rescue after the Winter Olympics.

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