YXST Carrying out the Cooperation with Sherpa helicopter in Hanging Business

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In April 23rd, Zhou Ge, chairman of Yu Xiang Sheng Tai Aviation Industry Development Co., Ltd., launched a deep exchange and talks with Mr. Olivier PASCUAL, a senior executive of Sherpa helicopter, on cooperation of helicopter hanging operation the future.


Sherpa helicopter company has the international leading technology and rich experience in the operation of helicopter hoisting operation. At present, the company is actively expanding its business in China, and Yu Xiang Sheng Tai will become an important partner of the company in China.

The two sides made full communication and exchange on the future cooperation of helicopter hanging operation, pilot and operator training, and standardization of operation procedures of helicopter hanging operation, and they reached the strategic cooperation of the co - establishment of helicopter hanging engineering company.

The helicopter hanging project mainly involves the installation of the cable way of the national mountain tourist areas and the large ski resorts, the installation of large power facilities and towers, the hanging of large building components, the hanging of the electric high voltage line, the cleaning of the blades of the wind power fan and so on. Taking the installation of the cabl eway as an example, in accordance with the traditional installation project, not only is the construction period long, the construction cost is high, the safety of the installation work is poor, but also for the completion of the installation project, some destructive preliminary preparatory work, such as cutting trees and opening mountains, should be produced for the surrounding environment. The helicopter hanging scheme can greatly shorten the construction period, protect the surrounding environment from destruction, reduce the comprehensive construction cost, and achieve the win-win of economic and ecological benefits.

The co-establishment with the French Sherpa helicopter company to form an enterprise, will become the first helicopter hanging work in China, and will also fill the blank of domestic helicopter hanging operation.

The establishment of the helicopter hanging cooperation with the French Sherpa helicopter company, Yu Xiang Sheng Tai, with the rich experience and technical guarantee of the helicopter hanging operation, not only fills the blank in the technical blank of the installation of large facilities to complete the installation of large facilities by helicopter hanging instead of the traditional installation method and  broadens the market coverage and profit points of the company's navigable operation projects, and further promotes and expands the Winter Olympic security capability of Yu Xiang Sheng Tai, which is the air security service enterprise of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

After the consensus of the two parties, YXST and the Sherpa helicopter company of France, the helicopter hanging cooperation company, will first undertake the installation of the aerial cable way in Yanqing, Beijing, as well as the installation of the cable way of the large snow field in Chongli, Zhangjiakou, and the clearance of the fan blades of the Zhangjiakou wind power center. This will greatly improve the cleaning efficiency and safety of work.


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