YXST reaches strategic cooperation with Jingmen Aifeike Club

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On May 9th, General Manager of China Airlines Jingmen Aifeike Development Limited Company, Jingmen Aifeike Club Co., Ltd. Mr. Sun Qijian with his delegation visited Yu Xiang Sheng Tai, to have an exchange talk with chairman Zhou Ge and other executives. After the meeting, Mr. Zhou signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Air China Jingmen Aifeike. This cooperation is mainly achieved by strategic cooperation intention in operation, market business and aviation town construction . The two companies will cooperate with each other in the construction of aviation town, flight training, air travel and other aspects to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.

The strategic cooperation with Aifeike will not only help the development of the company's industrial scale, enrich the resources for the development of the company's industry, but also help the innovation and sustainability of the model of the company's industrial development. It will help the continued landing of the high-end industrial projects under the strategy of the company's related aviation industry development, and also contribute to the building of a comprehensive demonstration area of national aviation industry and lay a solid foundation for it.

The grand opening ceremony on April 12 of the Yu Xiang Sheng Tai flight club  marks the launch and operation of the flight club as the operating platform of the Yu Xiang Shengtai aviation industry service platform. As the first operation project, private flight training has also officially begun to recruit students, as of now, the first batch of students have been in place, and the related flight enthusiasts are also actively and enthusiastically to come to the consultation. The cooperation with love flying guests, the two sides share the navigation resources, complementary in the navigation operation and the control of the operation of the market, undoubtedly, the overall theoretical teaching level of the private training program, the flight training and other hardware will provide further resource protection. It also provides a reference model for the upcoming air tourism and FBO business.

Recently, the Zhangjiakou Aviation Industry Association, initiated by Yu Xiang Sheng Tai, has been approved by the government. As a platform for the development and communication of the regional navigation industry, the association is bound to further promote the scale, innovation and sustainable development of the aviation industry. Under this good opportunity, the cooperation between Yu Xiang Sheng Tai Aviation Industry Development Co., Ltd. And Jingmen Aifeike development Co., Ltd. will have a profound impact on the development course of YXST.

This cooperation is another major progress on the road of developing aviation. On the basis of the existing navigation service, it broadens the business further, realizes the deep cooperation with the enterprises in the industry, and lays a solid foundation for the development of the business of the company.




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