Our company held the activity with the Zhangjiakou Public Security Bureau

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In the afternoon of May 21st, more than 40 police officers from the Zhangjiakou Public Security Bureau came to the reception hall of our department to participate in the activities of "technological innovation, promoting the police and benefiting the people". This activity aims to enhance the business integration of the public security department and local enterprises and to create a new attempt to promote the police through scientific and technological innovation.

First, the marketing department briefed the attendees on the ongoing business of the company and asked everyone to watch the promo. It also introduces the core management team of the company, and expounds the future strategic planning of the company in the development of the aviation industry, so that the guests have a certain understanding of the resources advantage of Yu Xiang Sheng Tai in the development of the aviation industry. Yu Xiang Sheng Tai flight club and the relevant information on the training of private flight in flight were mainly introduced to the guests, and the guests were sincerely invite to join the flight club and take the private flight training.


Subsequently, we invited the the police officers to watch the video of multifunction application of the helicopter, so that the guests got to know that the helicopter  played an important role in many aspects such as mountain rescue, anti-terrorism, anti drug, jungle rescue and so on. It also widens cooperation space for the cooperation between the police training in the field of aviation in the future.

In the end, the visitors came to the company's hangar with interest, and listened to the introduction to the performance, flight experience and safety advantages of the jets. Many guests experienced the pilot's feeling through the ground gliding in the cockpit.


After the meeting, many police officers had a detailed talk with the sales rep on the private flight training and club services.


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