YXST Completed the first flight in Ningyuan Airport

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In June 8th, the Cirrus SR20 aircraft, known as the "air BMW", successfully completed its first flight at Ningyuan airport in Zhangjiakou, owned by the YXST aviation industry development company.


The first flight was carefully prepared and planned by Yu Xiang Sheng Tai. The crew was composed of experienced pilots and technicians. In spite of the poor weather conditions, the crew still took off smoothly, which fully demonstrated the excellent professional quality and technical ability of the company crew, as well as the company's strong advantage in the field of general aviation.微信图片_20180615142922_副本_副本.jpg


The first flight shows the advantages of fixed wing aircraft of Yu Xiang Sheng Taiin in the whole area of low altitude tourism, private training of pilots, short transportation and so on, which marks the formal sailing of the above general aviation business in the whole region of Zhangjiakou.



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